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Half Bottle, Please

Artist: Charles Kaufman

When you go on business trip, do you feel uneasy to dine by yourself in a restaurant? For me, I’ve always enjoyed going to a restaurant, just because they offer much more choices.

But in China, the restaurant experience could sometimes be quite amusing when it comes to ordering wines.  I just learnt something new from a recent trip to Beijing!

Flying to Beijing is always a daunting experience; you could never be sure on the arrival time. This time, the flight was actually on time when we got to Beijing, but it took the pilot 2 attempts to be on the ground and then forever to get to the gate. I was happy when I made it to the hotel, the restaurant was still serving. (more…)

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1961 Barolo

As the weather turns cooler, the festivity spirits fill the air and remind us Christmas is just around the corner.  We began celebration last night, not for the holiday though, but for the birthdays of two good friends.

We met at the Piemonte trip, the land of Barolo.  So the best gift to bring along is a vintage Barolo – 1961!  The wine was shipped from Italy and sat in my cellar for more than 2 months, so it should pass the bottle shock stage.   (more…)

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