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For anyone who has spent any time or effort getting to know the different grape varietals and their characteristics when turned into wine, the concept that different wines should be drunk in different glasses should come naturally.

Either through experience or study, we all know that white wine glasses should be smaller than red wine glasses, simply due to the intensity of the bouquet from reds, which requires, perhaps deserves, more room to breathe and manifest itself.

We all know this simple rule, but few of us take the time to explore the idea further and find out how different shapes and sizes of glasses impact the actual experience of drinking different wines. More importantly, few of us ask the question: What is the best shape and size for a glass that is best suited to maximise the qualities of a particular varietal? (more…)


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Sauvignon Blanc有一個很浪漫的中文譯名 – 長相思, 不知道背後有沒有什麼故事。

新西蘭 Marlbourough 區出產的長相思舉世知名, Cloudy Bay 亦是當地名氣最大的酒莊。長相思最適合在氣候偏冷的地方生長, 可以充份令葡萄的特質表現出來 -青草、青椒、桂花和 gooseberry。 (more…)

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