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Decanters.. we all know about them. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are round, some shaped like funnels, others like swans, ducks, musical instruments, and even elongated poisonous snakes.

Yes, I’m talking about the range of decanters from Riedel, the company famous for making different shaped and sized glasses for different wine varietals. But while Riedel has certainly made its point with its wine glasses, it doesn’t feel the same way with decanters. In fact, Riedel doesn’t feel anything of the sort when it comes to decanters except that it has to look good on the table, hence its emphasis on design and style. (more…)


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Ch Grand Puy Lacoste Wine Dinner

I guess the chance of tasting the 1953 vintage from a classified Bordeaux already got my attention for the wine dinner, and the rest were just details I didn’t really care.

Emeline Borie, the 3rd generation of the owner was hosting the dinner organized by BBR.  At dinner she told us her grandfather bought the vineyard in 1978, but the previous owner took all the wines from the cellar.   So they have to buy back the wines in the market, including the 53’ we were going to taste. (more…)

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Maria Teresa Mascarello in the cellar

There are the traditionalists, and there are the modernists.  In Piemonte, this holds true for the 7 vineyards we visited.  Aldo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa and Bartolo Mascarello are no doubt the traditionalists. 

Of the three, the visit at Bartolo Mascarello marked a very strong impression on me.  Probably because the wine maker and owner was a woman – Maria Teresa Mascarello, daughter to the late Bartolo Mascarello. (more…)

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“80% of our production is for exports, and the 20% that we sell in the domestic market is consumed by visitors like you.” That probably set the stage for the visit at Gaja in the heart of Barbaresco.

We were greeted by Alexandria, the guide at Gaja at a small but cozy waiting area.  When we were walking down to the cellar, she said in a very polite manner, “Please don’t take any photos in the cellar, but you could in the building after the visit.”  (more…)

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Massolino, the first vineyard we visited on the Piemonte wine tour.  Franco Massolino, the very charming wine maker and owner, was waiting for us at the gate.  He greeted us individually and apologized for the construction work that’s going on.  He said next year, at around this time, there will be a proper tasting room for guests.  I laughed and said in Hong Kong, we cannot wait for 1 year. (more…)

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My heart fell for Barolo when I tasted a bottle of 98’ Montprivito, and it was 3 years ago in Washington DC.  The floral, smoke, cherry aromas were so unique and amazing and I started my quest in understanding Italian wines.

My quest now takes me to the home of Barolo – Piemonte, Italy.  It’s a guided wine tour in the area for 5 days organized by Italian Wine Merchants.  The group is quite small, by Hong Kong standard – total of 9 people.   We are here because we all love wines, more so for some. (more…)

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Ch Pontet Canet

A 5-course dinner at H-One accompanied by 10 vintages of Chateau Pontet Canet with a finishing touch of a glass of Cognac Tesseron.  All the wines were direct from the Chateau and the owner Monsieur Alfred Tesseron was in town to host the dinner.

Chateau Pontet Canet, a fifth growth from Bordeaux which I visited last summer with my husband.  The tour included a lunch at the Chateau and Monsieur Alfred Tesseron also hosted the lunch at the Chateau’s dining room. (more…)

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"I Love Paris" Artist: Clifford Bailey

When I finished the piece on Opus One, it strikes me that both Robert Mondavi and Baron Philip Rothschild were very active in promoting arts and music in their days.  Appreciation of art, music, food and wine should all be a part of the culture one grow up with. 

Imagine walking into a Chateau in Bordeaux, there were neither paintings hanging on the wall nor any art works displayed on the hallway.  How blend and boring it would be! (more…)

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As Christmas is around the corner, there are many wine tastings in town in celebration of the holiday. 

I went to a Christmas tastings at the American Club this week.  There were around 50 wines on display.  The one wine that caught my attention was not because of its value or style, but the memory it brought…. (more…)

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Cadet reporting to Madam, finally!

I have urged Cadet to write about his experience for some time, it was a surprise that he finally grant me the honor when I was least expected. 

The wine that I raved about upon my return from Bordeaux ….. 

I was reading the Wine Spectator before dinner over the weekend, and there was an article on Chateau Pontet Canet. It brought back memories of my visit at the Chateau this summer.  After the tour, Monsieur Alfred Tesseron greeted us with a warm smile and joined us for lunch in the main dining hall.  (more…)

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