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The Kitchen for the cooking class

Chef Beppe

There was a cooking class with an Italian Chef, Chef Beppe Sardi, during the Piemonte wine trip.  Chef Beppe was late for 2 hours; somehow he was attending a conference in the morning, and on his way back he made a wrong turn on the motor way.   Before he knew it, he was at Milan.  We laughed and asked how fast he was driving to make it back to Piemonte. (more…)


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Sweet Red Wine

What is the one thing in common for the following wines – Ice Wine, Late Harvest Riesling and Sauternes?  They are all sweet wines made from white grapes.  

For my debut in teaching wine tasting later this month, I was trying to find a sweet red wine for one of the classes.  Then I realized the ones I know and tasted are all made from white grapes.  So is there such a wine?  (more…)

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Domani Ristorante, with its green house façade situated between the two office towers of Pacific Place, brought the award winning Chef and menu to the gourmet scene of Hong Kong. Fine dining takes on a different tone these days, the Chef is as important as the cuisine, it’s all part of the dining experience.    (more…)

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SauternesThis is the most expensive Sauternes – the renowned sweet wine region in France – and I had the honor to taste a bottle with my friends some time ago.  A half bottle costs over HK$1,000. So is it worth it?

When I was taking the Wine Assessment program in Open University three years ago, the Advanced Course was quite tough and I took a day off from work to prepare for the final exam.  I was very frustrated as I kept forgetting what I had studied already.  There is only one cure for me to ease off my pressure – I went to Pacific Place and shopped.  (more…)

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