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Dom Perignon

What do you know about Dom Perignon?  Well, before my visit to Champagne, I knew he was the monk that perfected the production of Champagne and his name stands for the premium brand of the Champagne House Moet Chandon.

The tour at Moet started with a short video on the history of the Champagne House, then it’s the visit to the biggest cellar in the world  – 28km in total! It was dark and wet with many endless tunnels leading to who knows where. (more…)


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Champagne is always symbolic of celebration, but personally it is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.  I always find it hard to finish a bottle of Champagne for dinner at home, maybe it’s the bubbles.  But I do like to serve Champagne as an aperitif.

The Taste of Champagne was an interesting wine tasting class serving 8 distinct styles of the sparkling juice with a story behind each bottle. (more…)

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Artist:Michael Raaum / http://www.michaelraaum.com

Maybe it’s the festivity spirit, maybe it’s the popping sound at the stroke of midnight or maybe it’s the thought of birthday candles waiting around the corner, somehow the image of my first Dom Pérignon lingers on.

Let’s turn back the clock for 9 years; the setting was the Picasso Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.  It was my birthday; we were all dressed up for the dinner. I was flipping through the wine list; and the only thing I wanted was the Dom.  (more…)

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