Dom Perignon

What do you know about Dom Perignon?  Well, before my visit to Champagne, I knew he was the monk that perfected the production of Champagne and his name stands for the premium brand of the Champagne House Moet Chandon.

The tour at Moet started with a short video on the history of the Champagne House, then it’s the visit to the biggest cellar in the world  – 28km in total! It was dark and wet with many endless tunnels leading to who knows where. Continue Reading »

Tasting – “Mineral”

Have you ever wondered what does “mineral” mean in wine tasting?  It seems to be such a buzzword these days for many sommeliers, as Roy Moorfield suggested.

Roy flew in from Australia and brought along wines from the Southern Hemisphere for a private dinner, and the theme – “mineral”!

A veteran in the wine trade, Roy is in his sixties and proudly told us he has been in the wine business for more than 40 years.  And so we followed him on the path of understanding wines full of minerality. Continue Reading »


source: grace vineyard fb page

知道有机會和怡園酒莊的少莊主見面,有點點武俠小說feel, 一個鐘情武林的局外人或許可以感受到武林是否真如想像一樣 ?  這個約會一改再改, 心想是否真的沒緣? 最後在悶熱天氣下踏入怡園酒莊的 office, 渡過了很愉快和涼快的兩小時。

會面前在網上search了很多關於怡園 Grace Vineyard 的資料, 不過第一次知道這個酒莊是一次無意中在 Starbucks 拿了一本 Sunday Post Magazine, cover story 就是 Grace Vineyard. 一個年輕香港女子 take over 家族生意, 在山西的酒莊, vision是希望提升中國葡萄酒的品質和認同, 心想談何容易! Continue Reading »

Bordeaux 1961 Tasting

What makes a great vintage?  In 1961, one of the greatest vintages in the 20th century, it was down to nature and wine making; modern technology definitely didn’t play a role.

Nature took its course and pruning happened naturally.  A very wet August followed with a sunny September produced small concentrated grapes with thick skins.  The end results were complex, aromatic and tannic wines with long aging potentials.

“But then,” the instructor Stephen Mack added, “the wines are 50 years old and let’s hope they are still drinkable!” Continue Reading »

Ch Palmer Tasting

Oak Barrel @ Ch Palmer

My first encounter of Chateau Palmer was at the Robuchon restaurant in Macau, picked a bottle of 1999 Palmer from the well known extensive wine collection.  It was so aromatic, the tannin was very soft, and I felt in love with the wine ever since.

When the invitation came for a wine tasting of Chateau Palmer and also the chance of meeting Bernard de Laage from the Chateau, how can one resist?!  Continue Reading »

When will I order a glass of beer in a restaurant?  Well, when it is hot and humid, or if I am not so sure about the wine list.  This happened over the weekend, in a Sichuan restaurant tugged away in the old town of Chengdu.

We picked Tsing Tao from the list, expecting the beer to come in a glass bottle.  We were pleasantly surprised when the waitress came with a large can wrapped in paper.  The label said “Tsing Tao Original Beer”; it was unfiltered with deep yellow colour.  The aroma was very unique.  The first sip … we loved it!  It had a sweet after taste, strong floral aroma, very enjoyable with the hot and spicy cuisine.

Continue Reading »

Home-made French Onion Soup

Something simple …… black pepper ham with French bread
Something light …….. home-made French onion soup

After having a heavy brunch, something simple and light for dinner sounds very tempting.   As always a bottle of wine is a must to enjoy with the meal.

Continue Reading »

Shellfish Pairing

What does it mean to be passionate about wine? Well for me it means to venture out and try new tastes beyond your preference.

My friend’s wine and food pairing event in the States trigger my memory on wines from Loire Valley of France.  This is probably the less well-known wine region from France.  But it is an interesting region because it produces many styles of wines – red, white, rosé and sparkling. Continue Reading »


Sometimes I wonder how one thing leads to others in life.  My quest for wine led me to study wine.  The wine course opened my heart to taste wines from many wine regions including Barolos.  My love of Barolo took me to a wine tour of Piemonte.  The breath taking views of Piemonte …… well made me wonder about the art of photography.

Not sure what others will do, but I took a course in photography.  I was the odd one in the crowd – with my Panasonic GF1 against the full frame Canon or Nikon cameras in the room, I felt a bit out of place. Continue Reading »

Wine and Food Pairing

A close friend is organizing a Wine & Food Paring event for a special occasion in the States, she stopped by a neighborhood wine shop and asked the resident Sommelier to give her some ideas.  Well, knowing someone thousands of miles away is quite passionate about wine, she forward the suggested wine list and asked for my comments.

After reading the email, my first comment – wish I could be there! Not because the wines are expensive, on the contrary they are not, but the food pairing is quite interesting and the Sommelier’s explanation on the wines.

She selected 2 whites, 3 reds and a sweet wine. Continue Reading »