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Standing in the front of the Board Room, with 20 colleagues in the room, I was as eager as they were in my debut of teaching wine tasting. 

“Wine is for enjoyment, so let’s enjoy the ride and hope you learn something new today.”  I continued, “You will be tasting 4 distinct styles of wines.  At the end of the class, hopefully you will be able to name the wines just by tasting it.” (more…)


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Sweet Red Wine

What is the one thing in common for the following wines – Ice Wine, Late Harvest Riesling and Sauternes?  They are all sweet wines made from white grapes.  

For my debut in teaching wine tasting later this month, I was trying to find a sweet red wine for one of the classes.  Then I realized the ones I know and tasted are all made from white grapes.  So is there such a wine?  (more…)

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Wine Tasting

Artist: Charles Kaufman

What is wine tasting? It is certainly not happy hour! Well, at least not in my dictionary. A wine tasting class should be something that will open your mind about wine, an exploration in a whole new world.

So when I was being asked to teach a couple of wine tasting classes for my company, I was so excited and started to aim on the goal of the class. The 5-day long weekend is a good time for me to relax and plan for the class.  (more…)

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