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Passion on wine…

Artist: Thomas Arvid / http://www.thomasarvid.com

“Well, many people like wines, so what makes you different?” a question that was posed to me and took me a few moments to think and wonder.

I was so excited to meet my mentor at a cocktail reception after many years since he had retired.  We were having lunch to catch up on the good old days. I told him about my passion in wine that led me to take the WSET class and also starting this blog.  And this was his first question. (more…)


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Senses – Floral

“Sorry Madam, please don’t take any photos,” the security guard looked at me and said in a friendly tone.  Well, I did not argue as it was Sunday and also she was polite. So, I walked to the other side and continue my admiration of the floral arrangement at the Armani shop. (more…)

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The lights were on; we looked around and realized we were the last table at the restaurant.  We looked at the two glasses of Chateau d’Issan -1979 and 1995 and thought what a shame! The wines were still closed and it would be nice if they had served the wine at the beginning of the wine dinner.

The dinner was at the Bostonian restaurant organized by Watson’s Wine.  It was a week’s events highlighting Chateau d’Issan and the owner Mr. Emmanuel Cruse was in town to host the dinners and tastings around town. (more…)

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The table setting by the Restaurant Moo inside the Hotel Omm in Barcelona was a little peculiar, the man thought. There was a large, decorative plate with the basic silver setting, but no napkin to be seen anywhere.

“Would you like something to drink to start,” a female wait staff, about 5’3’’ asked the two diners, who both looked at each other and replied: “Perhaps some water, no gas, please.”

“Some water, certainly,” the waitress said and went on her way. The couple looked at each other once more. The man remarked: “why don’t we get some cava to start.” “Sure,” the woman replied. “That sounds good.” (more…)

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The two wine dispensing machines at the bar area of SML were quite eye catching.  There were 8 selections for both red and white.  The restaurant was in the midst of promoting Mexican fair – chicken quesadillas, shrimp fajitas, salsa sauce, smoked salmon marinated in chili pepper and cilantro – my favorites!  (more…)

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Amethyst crystal steam room filled with essential oil on the nose, rain shower splashed with hint of orange – soothing on the senses! After quenching my body and soul in the steam room and shower, I was lying on a comfortable bed in the resting area, sipping ginger lemon tea while waiting for the therapist at the Mandarin Spa. (more…)

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Ch Pontet Canet

A 5-course dinner at H-One accompanied by 10 vintages of Chateau Pontet Canet with a finishing touch of a glass of Cognac Tesseron.  All the wines were direct from the Chateau and the owner Monsieur Alfred Tesseron was in town to host the dinner.

Chateau Pontet Canet, a fifth growth from Bordeaux which I visited last summer with my husband.  The tour included a lunch at the Chateau and Monsieur Alfred Tesseron also hosted the lunch at the Chateau’s dining room. (more…)

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