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Went to a US Pinot tasting with some friends this week, there were not too many surprises.  The wines were from boutique wineries in California and Oregon.  Some were fruity, typical new world style; and some were made with Burgundy in mind. 

There were many bottles of sparkling water for us to cleanse our palate between tastings.  We thought it tasted refreshing, and the host “corrected” us that these were “palate cleansing beverage”.  (more…)


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Beajolais Cru

Beaujolais, a wine that I used to drink quite a bit when I was young; well, simply because it was cheap, fruity and easy to drink.   These days, knowing better, this is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.

But I was genuinely surprised by tasting a Beaujolais Cru last night at a “Burgundy Red” tasting class.  Burgundy is a complicated region, and often confusing with the village and vineyard appellations.  We tasted a few Premier Cru and Grand Cru last night, most were very complex, balanced with long length.  (more…)

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Slow Food University

Chef's Hand

When we walked out from Guido, the Michelin 1 star restaurant in Piemonte, it was dark; the air was fresh and crisp, the stars were bright … and I was thinking “how much is a Michelin star worth?”

Guido is on the grounds of the Slow Food University. The ambience was sort of like a barn, with high ceiling, brick wall and wooden floor.  The décor was quite simple but functional.  (more…)

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Maria Teresa Mascarello in the cellar

There are the traditionalists, and there are the modernists.  In Piemonte, this holds true for the 7 vineyards we visited.  Aldo Conterno, Bruno Giacosa and Bartolo Mascarello are no doubt the traditionalists. 

Of the three, the visit at Bartolo Mascarello marked a very strong impression on me.  Probably because the wine maker and owner was a woman – Maria Teresa Mascarello, daughter to the late Bartolo Mascarello. (more…)

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Sunset at Piemonte

Maybe it’s the blue sky, the orange backdrop at sunset, the picturesque landscape, the passionate Italians ….   somehow before I knew it, I had slowed down and appreciated the Italian lifestyle.  As our tour guide Anna Maria told us on the first day,” Relax and enjoy the sweet life, Dolce Vita! (more…)

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