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Do you know the 61 wines that are now the renowned 1855 Classification of Bordeaux, what was the basis on the classification?  It was strictly based on price!  It would be interesting to test if the quality and price are still in line with the classification these days.

Well, that was the basis of the horizontal tasting I joined this weekend.  It was a very small group, only 6 people and the instructor.

We were given 5 Parker scores in the beginning and at the end we were to guess what did Parker give to each wine. (more…)


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Ch Grand Puy Lacoste Wine Dinner

I guess the chance of tasting the 1953 vintage from a classified Bordeaux already got my attention for the wine dinner, and the rest were just details I didn’t really care.

Emeline Borie, the 3rd generation of the owner was hosting the dinner organized by BBR.  At dinner she told us her grandfather bought the vineyard in 1978, but the previous owner took all the wines from the cellar.   So they have to buy back the wines in the market, including the 53’ we were going to taste. (more…)

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