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Sometimes I wonder how one thing leads to others in life.  My quest for wine led me to study wine.  The wine course opened my heart to taste wines from many wine regions including Barolos.  My love of Barolo took me to a wine tour of Piemonte.  The breath taking views of Piemonte …… well made me wonder about the art of photography.

Not sure what others will do, but I took a course in photography.  I was the odd one in the crowd – with my Panasonic GF1 against the full frame Canon or Nikon cameras in the room, I felt a bit out of place. (more…)


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A close friend is organizing a Wine & Food Paring event for a special occasion in the States, she stopped by a neighborhood wine shop and asked the resident Sommelier to give her some ideas.  Well, knowing someone thousands of miles away is quite passionate about wine, she forward the suggested wine list and asked for my comments.

After reading the email, my first comment – wish I could be there! Not because the wines are expensive, on the contrary they are not, but the food pairing is quite interesting and the Sommelier’s explanation on the wines.

She selected 2 whites, 3 reds and a sweet wine. (more…)

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