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Red Packets

“Red is in the air” – it’s the color of love, joy, happiness, pleasure, enjoyment, celebration …… and most of all; it’s the color for Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is a time for family gathering, time to say “Kung Hei Fat Choy” to friends and relatives that you may hardly meet during the year.  (more…)


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本小姐雖不至無辣不歡,但川菜的麻與辣實在甘之如貽。每隔數星期必要去狂吃一頓才心安理得。若問至愛川菜館, 最近比較喜歡花園道的三希樓。

對於外出用膳,本小姐對食物質素當然有一定的要求,但走進一間餐館,環境、服務 、餐酒種類亦同等重要,香港一般的中菜館不太着重餐酒, 所以每趟都會自攜餐酒來配主菜。 (more…)

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此「李白」並非彼李白, 此「李白」乃是一瓶曰本的  rosé  sake,本小姐第一次是在一間日式超市試飲,因為顏色漂亮,味道清甜,便買入幾瓶。

不過本小姐對「李白」酒莊的認識早在這瓶rosé sake之前。差不多一年前, 曾去過一次sake dinner, 當晚有4個sake酒莊代表, 共8瓶特別佳釀可以品嚐, 全都是純米吟釀或以上級數, 配上日式串燒, 至今仍印象深刻。 (more…)

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After my first post on Madam’s blog, I was going to take a break, at least for a couple days – but I just couldn’t resist. What happened was that we came across a second bottle of Pontet Canet 2002, but this time at an ultra chic hot springs hotel in the Izu area, about 2 hours outside Tokyo.

The Arcana resort is a different type of hot spring hotel. Instead of the traditional ryokan serving up traditional Japanese cuisine, the Arcana is made up of a complex in contemporary architecture styles, situated on the banks of a mountain stream, with a central restaurant serving up contemporary Japanese/French cuisine. (more…)

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 I’ve been procrastinating probably for about three weeks over my first post on Grape Wine Journey since Madam urged me to starting putting my thoughts on wine, and others great adventures, on this blog.

I really, really wanted to do it sooner as I have the greatest respect for Madam (and her wine collection), and shared her passion for chancing on a nice vintage in the least expected circumstances.

One of the main reasons I’m writing tonight is that we (my other half and I) happened to order one of the wines that Madam raved about when she came back from her trip to Bordeaux last summer – Pontet Canet. (more…)

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Dinner @ The Chairman

The Chairman - 1The Chairman - 2I love to walk around Central on Sunday, the peace and quiet that contrast deeply with the hustle and bustle on the weekdays in the heart of the financial center.

The Chairman is at the end of a cul-de-sac in Central, the street has the tranquility of a small town in Europe.  The restaurant is promoting a cooking style that respects the natural flavor of the food.  (more…)

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Caprice - 3Caprice - 1A wine lover’s passion for the good life – today is a  good expression of what that meant.

It was all by impulse, I have a gift certificate for the Four Season Spa for a long time, and it is about to expire.  So I booked a 2 hour body treatment for today, a good escape for a day off from work. 


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