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「人生得意須盡歡 莫使金樽空對月」

李白,有「詩仙」的美譽,是唐朝著名詩人,亦是本小姐很喜愛的詩人,這兩句源於李白將進酒》的至理名言一直都是本小姐的座右銘。 (more…)


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First Growth

My goal is to taste the 61 wines of 1855 Bordeaux Classification, hopefully before I kick the bucket. To commemorate the journey, the bottles are displayed nicely in my dining room. (more…)

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It was a wine tasting lunch on a cold and breezy Saturday. The wine was known as Chateau Mouton Barone Philippe in the 70’s, but now everyone knows the wine as Chateau d’Armalihac – a fifth growth in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification.

As with most of the Chateaus in Bordeaux, the history of the vineyard had gone through many changes and ownership.  It was sold to Baron Philippe de Rothschild in 1933 and became part of the Mouton Rothschild family. (more…)

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Home Made Smoke Pigeon

Ever since we dined at the Chairman, my husband was contemplating in trying the Smoke Pigeon at home.  The Manager at the restaurant told us the tip was to smoke the pigeon with rice.

Preparation was made – live pigeon, rice, Chinese wine and Sweet Osmanthus Oolong tea. (more…)

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Tis the season to be jolly ……

It’s hard not to notice all the decorations in the shopping center; reminding us Christmas is coming.  Getting ready to buy gifts for your loved ones? (more…)

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Cadet reporting to Madam, finally!

I have urged Cadet to write about his experience for some time, it was a surprise that he finally grant me the honor when I was least expected. 

The wine that I raved about upon my return from Bordeaux ….. 

I was reading the Wine Spectator before dinner over the weekend, and there was an article on Chateau Pontet Canet. It brought back memories of my visit at the Chateau this summer.  After the tour, Monsieur Alfred Tesseron greeted us with a warm smile and joined us for lunch in the main dining hall.  (more…)

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After my first post on Madam’s blog, I was going to take a break, at least for a couple days – but I just couldn’t resist. What happened was that we came across a second bottle of Pontet Canet 2002, but this time at an ultra chic hot springs hotel in the Izu area, about 2 hours outside Tokyo.

The Arcana resort is a different type of hot spring hotel. Instead of the traditional ryokan serving up traditional Japanese cuisine, the Arcana is made up of a complex in contemporary architecture styles, situated on the banks of a mountain stream, with a central restaurant serving up contemporary Japanese/French cuisine. (more…)

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Burgundy is a difficult region to understand.  The classification of Burgundy is sometimes quite confusing.   If we compare the classification system of Bordeaux and Burgundy, there are about 60 names protected under the AC system in Bordeaux where as in Burgundy there are 10 times more. (more…)

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