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Ch Pontet Canet

A 5-course dinner at H-One accompanied by 10 vintages of Chateau Pontet Canet with a finishing touch of a glass of Cognac Tesseron.  All the wines were direct from the Chateau and the owner Monsieur Alfred Tesseron was in town to host the dinner.

Chateau Pontet Canet, a fifth growth from Bordeaux which I visited last summer with my husband.  The tour included a lunch at the Chateau and Monsieur Alfred Tesseron also hosted the lunch at the Chateau’s dining room. (more…)


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Cadet reporting to Madam, finally!

I have urged Cadet to write about his experience for some time, it was a surprise that he finally grant me the honor when I was least expected. 

The wine that I raved about upon my return from Bordeaux ….. 

I was reading the Wine Spectator before dinner over the weekend, and there was an article on Chateau Pontet Canet. It brought back memories of my visit at the Chateau this summer.  After the tour, Monsieur Alfred Tesseron greeted us with a warm smile and joined us for lunch in the main dining hall.  (more…)

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Blanc de TalbotThis summer, my husband and I spent a week in shopping in Paris and wine tasting in Bordeaux: my kind of vacation!

As a wine lover, it is pure ecstasy just the thought of visiting Bordeaux.  Standing at the vineyard, smelling the fresh air with the backdrop of blue sky felt like home.  It was so amazing.

We visited a total of 6 vineyards in the 3 days we stayed at Bordeaux.   We went with a wine tour organized by the Bordeaux Tourism Board, visiting Château Desmirail, Château Pontet Canet and Château Gruaud-Larose.  (more…)

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