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This dish may sound simple, but I could assure you there was lots of preparation that went behind the scene.

The duck was marinated with clove, salt and pepper for 15 hours, then slow cooked in the oven for 2 hours then grilled until brown.  After that, the skin and meat were shredded into pieces and put aside.  Next was to prepare the broth with what was left with the duck – the bones.  (more…)


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Charles Kaufman Wine Painting

Source: http://www.charleskaufman.com / Artist: Charles Kaufman

These days, it seems like the topic of WINE will easily break the ice in gatherings.  For me, the company is more important than the wine itself.  Sharing a few bottles with friends is a perfect way to spend an evening.

After the completion of the first Wine Appreciation Course, the instructor arranged a dinner as a graduation dinner in celebration of completing the course.  About twenty people joined, and from that day onwards, we had continued to meet on a regular basis for over two years now!  (more…)

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