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Charles Kaufman Wine Painting

Source: http://www.charleskaufman.com / Artist: Charles Kaufman

These days, it seems like the topic of WINE will easily break the ice in gatherings.  For me, the company is more important than the wine itself.  Sharing a few bottles with friends is a perfect way to spend an evening.

After the completion of the first Wine Appreciation Course, the instructor arranged a dinner as a graduation dinner in celebration of completing the course.  About twenty people joined, and from that day onwards, we had continued to meet on a regular basis for over two years now!  (more…)


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SauternesThis is the most expensive Sauternes – the renowned sweet wine region in France – and I had the honor to taste a bottle with my friends some time ago.  A half bottle costs over HK$1,000. So is it worth it?

When I was taking the Wine Assessment program in Open University three years ago, the Advanced Course was quite tough and I took a day off from work to prepare for the final exam.  I was very frustrated as I kept forgetting what I had studied already.  There is only one cure for me to ease off my pressure – I went to Pacific Place and shopped.  (more…)

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Clos de SarpeHave you ever tried barrel tasting?  It’s the tasting of wine straight from the oak barrel.  It was a wonderful experience, not because of the tasting, but because you feel the passion from the winemaker!

This summer I visited Bordeaux with my husband.  Through my work contact, I happened to have the opportunity to visit Chateau Clos De Sarpe, a Grand Cru vineyard in St Emilion.  It was a private tour arranged just for me and my husband.   The day of the visit was National Day, so I was very lucky that the Chateau owner also the winemaker was in town and hosted the tour. (more…)

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