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 I’ve been procrastinating probably for about three weeks over my first post on Grape Wine Journey since Madam urged me to starting putting my thoughts on wine, and others great adventures, on this blog.

I really, really wanted to do it sooner as I have the greatest respect for Madam (and her wine collection), and shared her passion for chancing on a nice vintage in the least expected circumstances.

One of the main reasons I’m writing tonight is that we (my other half and I) happened to order one of the wines that Madam raved about when she came back from her trip to Bordeaux last summer – Pontet Canet. (more…)


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Wine and Music

Wine matching should be more than just food; music could also play a part.  Imagine with a glass of wine, sitting in the balcony with soothing music at the background – a nice break in the hectic world! I always like to have music at the background when I sit in front of my Netbook to write about my wine experience.  (more…)

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