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This dish may sound simple, but I could assure you there was lots of preparation that went behind the scene.

The duck was marinated with clove, salt and pepper for 15 hours, then slow cooked in the oven for 2 hours then grilled until brown.  After that, the skin and meat were shredded into pieces and put aside.  Next was to prepare the broth with what was left with the duck – the bones.  (more…)


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Does anyone know how long to breath this Chateau Cantenac Brown 1975. It is a gift from a friend and I have no idea how long it would take to get the best favour.

Suggestions, guess, and others, all welcome! Also, note the near shoulder level of the wine – does this mean it is ‘must drink’? (more…)

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It was a couple of days after Xmas 09,
When all and all was dandy and fine,
I invited some friends over for supper,
What a surprise, they returned with such a favour,

With them came a bottle of 1996 Cos D’Estournel,
A GRAND CRU from Saint Estephe,
What a treat, what a delightful tale,
We saved it to go with my oven roasted quail, (more…)

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此「李白」並非彼李白, 此「李白」乃是一瓶曰本的  rosé  sake,本小姐第一次是在一間日式超市試飲,因為顏色漂亮,味道清甜,便買入幾瓶。

不過本小姐對「李白」酒莊的認識早在這瓶rosé sake之前。差不多一年前, 曾去過一次sake dinner, 當晚有4個sake酒莊代表, 共8瓶特別佳釀可以品嚐, 全都是純米吟釀或以上級數, 配上日式串燒, 至今仍印象深刻。 (more…)

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BBQ SpareribsIt was the night of the 25th; I was sipping a glass of white wine with friends in a nicely decorated kitchen while watching my husband preparing the Christmas feast.  A tasty feast for the holiday……

BBQ Spareribs with mixed vegetables

Pork Tenderloin in garlic sauce

Roast Chicken with rosemary (more…)

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Source: shvartsur.com

How are you spending your Christmas?  Well, it depends on your age group, I guess.

The wild and crazy days when we would dance till dawn then search for breakfast in TST with a group of close friends has sadly passed, but I can say it was good to be young!  Somewhere down the path, the theme has somehow shifted to food and wine – a big feast! (more…)

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「人生得意須盡歡 莫使金樽空對月」

李白,有「詩仙」的美譽,是唐朝著名詩人,亦是本小姐很喜愛的詩人,這兩句源於李白將進酒》的至理名言一直都是本小姐的座右銘。 (more…)

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First Growth

My goal is to taste the 61 wines of 1855 Bordeaux Classification, hopefully before I kick the bucket. To commemorate the journey, the bottles are displayed nicely in my dining room. (more…)

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It was a wine tasting lunch on a cold and breezy Saturday. The wine was known as Chateau Mouton Barone Philippe in the 70’s, but now everyone knows the wine as Chateau d’Armalihac – a fifth growth in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification.

As with most of the Chateaus in Bordeaux, the history of the vineyard had gone through many changes and ownership.  It was sold to Baron Philippe de Rothschild in 1933 and became part of the Mouton Rothschild family. (more…)

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"I Love Paris" Artist: Clifford Bailey

When I finished the piece on Opus One, it strikes me that both Robert Mondavi and Baron Philip Rothschild were very active in promoting arts and music in their days.  Appreciation of art, music, food and wine should all be a part of the culture one grow up with. 

Imagine walking into a Chateau in Bordeaux, there were neither paintings hanging on the wall nor any art works displayed on the hallway.  How blend and boring it would be! (more…)

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