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What does it mean to be passionate about wine? Well for me it means to venture out and try new tastes beyond your preference.

My friend’s wine and food pairing event in the States trigger my memory on wines from Loire Valley of France.  This is probably the less well-known wine region from France.  But it is an interesting region because it produces many styles of wines – red, white, rosé and sparkling. (more…)


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A close friend is organizing a Wine & Food Paring event for a special occasion in the States, she stopped by a neighborhood wine shop and asked the resident Sommelier to give her some ideas.  Well, knowing someone thousands of miles away is quite passionate about wine, she forward the suggested wine list and asked for my comments.

After reading the email, my first comment – wish I could be there! Not because the wines are expensive, on the contrary they are not, but the food pairing is quite interesting and the Sommelier’s explanation on the wines.

She selected 2 whites, 3 reds and a sweet wine. (more…)

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Do you know the 61 wines that are now the renowned 1855 Classification of Bordeaux, what was the basis on the classification?  It was strictly based on price!  It would be interesting to test if the quality and price are still in line with the classification these days.

Well, that was the basis of the horizontal tasting I joined this weekend.  It was a very small group, only 6 people and the instructor.

We were given 5 Parker scores in the beginning and at the end we were to guess what did Parker give to each wine. (more…)

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It was almost a year ago that I started this blog, looking back now and thinking if anything has changed since then ?! Where has the journey taken me …..

It all started because I wanted to share my passion on wine, then I realized how little I know about wine.  I was trying hard to write about topics that people will enjoy, then I realized it has to be something that I found interesting in the first place. (more…)

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IWM @ Manhattan

New York City, that’s a place I use to spend a lot of time in. The museums, the shows, the yellow cabs, the bagels ….. visiting the Big Apple again brought back many fond memories of the good old days.  But then there was one thing I didn’t get to do back then – wine tasting!

So when the invitation came for wine tasting at Italian Wine Merchant in the heart of Manhattan, there could be only one response – SURE! (more…)

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The heat & humidity could be quite unbearable at times here, how would you choose to chill out on the weekends?  How about sipping a glass of Prosecco on a bus heading to Shek O, then an 8-course Thai lunch paired with 8 Italian wines?  Well, that’s how I spent my Saturday afternoon!

The classic Thai appetizer fish cake was excellent with the light refreshing sparkling Prosecco.  Then the 7 wines to follow were all from a same vineyard – Movia. (more…)

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Morning Mist

Bordeaux in June, what was it like? It was cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon, the perfect micro climate that vines thrive for.

The blue sky was exactly what I remembered as last summer. This time, instead of joining a tour, I wrote to a few vineyards ahead of time and confirmed private tours & tastings at 4 vineyards – Ch Haut Brion, Ch Palmer, Ch Pichon Lalande & Ch Lynch Bages. (more…)

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Beajolais Cru

Beaujolais, a wine that I used to drink quite a bit when I was young; well, simply because it was cheap, fruity and easy to drink.   These days, knowing better, this is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.

But I was genuinely surprised by tasting a Beaujolais Cru last night at a “Burgundy Red” tasting class.  Burgundy is a complicated region, and often confusing with the village and vineyard appellations.  We tasted a few Premier Cru and Grand Cru last night, most were very complex, balanced with long length.  (more…)

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Standing in the front of the Board Room, with 20 colleagues in the room, I was as eager as they were in my debut of teaching wine tasting. 

“Wine is for enjoyment, so let’s enjoy the ride and hope you learn something new today.”  I continued, “You will be tasting 4 distinct styles of wines.  At the end of the class, hopefully you will be able to name the wines just by tasting it.” (more…)

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Wine Tasting

Artist: Charles Kaufman

What is wine tasting? It is certainly not happy hour! Well, at least not in my dictionary. A wine tasting class should be something that will open your mind about wine, an exploration in a whole new world.

So when I was being asked to teach a couple of wine tasting classes for my company, I was so excited and started to aim on the goal of the class. The 5-day long weekend is a good time for me to relax and plan for the class.  (more…)

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