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Ch Simard

Chateau Ausone, one of the Premier Grand Crus from St Emilion is also the owner of Chateau Simard.   I was so pleased to have the opportunity to taste 2 vintages from this Chateau – 1990 & 2005.   It was over a European cuisine in a small cozy bistro in the quiet part of North Point. 

St Emilion wines in general have softer tannins and more body as they are Merlot based red wines. The wines were 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. (more…)

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Champagne is always symbolic of celebration, but personally it is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.  I always find it hard to finish a bottle of Champagne for dinner at home, maybe it’s the bubbles.  But I do like to serve Champagne as an aperitif.

The Taste of Champagne was an interesting wine tasting class serving 8 distinct styles of the sparkling juice with a story behind each bottle. (more…)

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「人生得意須盡歡 莫使金樽空對月」

李白,有「詩仙」的美譽,是唐朝著名詩人,亦是本小姐很喜愛的詩人,這兩句源於李白將進酒》的至理名言一直都是本小姐的座右銘。 (more…)

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It was a wine tasting lunch on a cold and breezy Saturday. The wine was known as Chateau Mouton Barone Philippe in the 70’s, but now everyone knows the wine as Chateau d’Armalihac – a fifth growth in the 1855 Bordeaux Classification.

As with most of the Chateaus in Bordeaux, the history of the vineyard had gone through many changes and ownership.  It was sold to Baron Philippe de Rothschild in 1933 and became part of the Mouton Rothschild family. (more…)

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Gin Gallery - A Room With A View

It was a tasting of Italian wines in a commercial building in TST.  The office was decorated as a wine cellar with a view of Central at a distance.   We tasted 9 wines throughout the evening, pairing with cheese and bread.

I was reading my tasting notes over the weekend, trying to remember which ones made an impression …. (more…)

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Wine and Music

Wine matching should be more than just food; music could also play a part.  Imagine with a glass of wine, sitting in the balcony with soothing music at the background – a nice break in the hectic world! I always like to have music at the background when I sit in front of my Netbook to write about my wine experience.  (more…)

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Hugh Johnson

Mr. Hugh Johnson

A local English newspaper in Hong Kong, the SCMP, is launching a wine division locally.  They are partnering with Laithwaites Wine to promote their business. 

The highlight was hosting two wine tasting events in Hong Kong, targeting different market segments.  The first evening was for the consumer market and the second night for corporate clients.  The key attraction was meeting with Hugh Johnson, the famous wine writer from UK. (more…)

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Italian Wine Tasting

From left : Mr. Federico Cerretto of Cerretto (Piemonte), Mr. Nicolas Belfrage (Master of Wine)

My palate is more acquainted with Old World wine, Italian wine being one of my favorites, especially Barolo.  When I received the email from Watson’s Wine for the many tastings and dinners they were hosting this week, my first choice was the Italian Wine tastings. 

The tastings was led by Nicolas Belfrage, Master of Wine along with three vineyard owners.  (more…)

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