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Wine Tasting

Artist: Charles Kaufman

What is wine tasting? It is certainly not happy hour! Well, at least not in my dictionary. A wine tasting class should be something that will open your mind about wine, an exploration in a whole new world.

So when I was being asked to teach a couple of wine tasting classes for my company, I was so excited and started to aim on the goal of the class. The 5-day long weekend is a good time for me to relax and plan for the class.  (more…)

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A non-commerical Bordeaux white

What does “lifestyle” mean?  It was fun sharing my view with old acquaintances and new friends over a few glasses of wines in a cozy Bistro this past weekend.

While sharing our views, there was also a very interesting wine we shared over dinner, interesting because it is not a commercial wine.  The owner is passionate about wine and bought a small vineyard and experimenting wine making.  The 2008 Bordeaux white was from this vineyard.  (more…)

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Champagne is always symbolic of celebration, but personally it is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.  I always find it hard to finish a bottle of Champagne for dinner at home, maybe it’s the bubbles.  But I do like to serve Champagne as an aperitif.

The Taste of Champagne was an interesting wine tasting class serving 8 distinct styles of the sparkling juice with a story behind each bottle. (more…)

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The idea of roasting a lamb from New Zealand serving with Bordeaux red was very tempting.  It wasn’t long that the idea came to fruition, with many lamb lovers and wine enthusiasts jumped with joy and joined the feast. (more…)

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「人生得意須盡歡 莫使金樽空對月」

李白,有「詩仙」的美譽,是唐朝著名詩人,亦是本小姐很喜愛的詩人,這兩句源於李白將進酒》的至理名言一直都是本小姐的座右銘。 (more…)

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"I Love Paris" Artist: Clifford Bailey

When I finished the piece on Opus One, it strikes me that both Robert Mondavi and Baron Philip Rothschild were very active in promoting arts and music in their days.  Appreciation of art, music, food and wine should all be a part of the culture one grow up with. 

Imagine walking into a Chateau in Bordeaux, there were neither paintings hanging on the wall nor any art works displayed on the hallway.  How blend and boring it would be! (more…)

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Hugh Johnson

Mr. Hugh Johnson

A local English newspaper in Hong Kong, the SCMP, is launching a wine division locally.  They are partnering with Laithwaites Wine to promote their business. 

The highlight was hosting two wine tasting events in Hong Kong, targeting different market segments.  The first evening was for the consumer market and the second night for corporate clients.  The key attraction was meeting with Hugh Johnson, the famous wine writer from UK. (more…)

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MadamI always love wine, and if you ask me how long I’ve been enjoying the fermented grape juice? Well, I had enjoyed it for more than 20 years!

Amongst my friends and the people that I work with, I am quite well known to be a wine lover.  So I do get quite a number of invitations to wine-tasting dinner or events. 

About 3 years ago, a very good friend of mine asked me to join a Vertical Wine Tasting at his friend’s place.  My husband and I, along with 10 people, attended the event.  There was a Bordeaux wine, and we tasted probably 5 vintages.  Most of the time, people will find it quite hard to stop me talking, but on that night….. I was unusually quiet.  They were all sharing their comments on the nose and palate of the wine, but I wasn’t able to smell or taste a single damn thing they described. (more…)

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