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此「李白」並非彼李白, 此「李白」乃是一瓶曰本的  rosé  sake,本小姐第一次是在一間日式超市試飲,因為顏色漂亮,味道清甜,便買入幾瓶。

不過本小姐對「李白」酒莊的認識早在這瓶rosé sake之前。差不多一年前, 曾去過一次sake dinner, 當晚有4個sake酒莊代表, 共8瓶特別佳釀可以品嚐, 全都是純米吟釀或以上級數, 配上日式串燒, 至今仍印象深刻。 (more…)

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BBQ SpareribsIt was the night of the 25th; I was sipping a glass of white wine with friends in a nicely decorated kitchen while watching my husband preparing the Christmas feast.  A tasty feast for the holiday……

BBQ Spareribs with mixed vegetables

Pork Tenderloin in garlic sauce

Roast Chicken with rosemary (more…)

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