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Champagne is always symbolic of celebration, but personally it is not a wine I will stock up for my cellar.  I always find it hard to finish a bottle of Champagne for dinner at home, maybe it’s the bubbles.  But I do like to serve Champagne as an aperitif.

The Taste of Champagne was an interesting wine tasting class serving 8 distinct styles of the sparkling juice with a story behind each bottle. (more…)


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Vodka Bar

Walking into a -20C Vodka Bar to enjoy a shot of Vodka reminded me of the chilly winters in the East Coast and the good old days when I always ordered mixed Spirits – Gin Tonic, Rum and coke, Vodka & lime….

The restaurant had a very cozy ambience with a Russian flair.  A good place to go after work to enjoy some wines and also a shot of Vodka. (more…)

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本小姐雖不至無辣不歡,但川菜的麻與辣實在甘之如貽。每隔數星期必要去狂吃一頓才心安理得。若問至愛川菜館, 最近比較喜歡花園道的三希樓。

對於外出用膳,本小姐對食物質素當然有一定的要求,但走進一間餐館,環境、服務 、餐酒種類亦同等重要,香港一般的中菜館不太着重餐酒, 所以每趟都會自攜餐酒來配主菜。 (more…)

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Pinot Noir

A colleague from Australia asked if my palate is more acquainted with old world wine or new world wine.  I said with a smile , old world wine.  He was not offended by my remarks, but rather gave me two bottles of his collection – an Australian Pinot Noir and a New Zealand Pinot Noir.

His description on the wines were the New Zealand red is more fruity in style where as the Pinot from Australia is more mineral.  (more…)

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The Devil Wears Chanel

Two things I learnt from a colleague this week – Gen X spans from 1961 to 1980 and I deserved the title “The Devil Wears Chanel”!

It started when I casually strolled into a Chanel store and tried on a few pairs of ear rings and eyed on “THE” pair in 5 seconds, thinking this will complete my Chanel look for my birthday! (more…)

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The idea of roasting a lamb from New Zealand serving with Bordeaux red was very tempting.  It wasn’t long that the idea came to fruition, with many lamb lovers and wine enthusiasts jumped with joy and joined the feast. (more…)

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Following up on my plea for help on how to drink the 1975 Chateau Cantenac Brown last week, I actually got together with Madam (and a few friends) and cracked open the bottle.

Per Madam’s instructions, we didn’t really aired the wine at all and drank it somewhere between 15min to 30min after it was open and decanted (in case of sediment).

To tell the truth, I didn’t have much expectation for the wine due to the shoulder level status of the bottle – in fact, I had lots of doubts that it would actually be drinkable at all. (more…)

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