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There were two reasons that I pulled out the AMEX from my wallet and signed for a bottle of the First Growth this weekend.

Over the CNY holiday, I started to plan for my summer vacation in Bordeaux.  After locking down on the dates, I wrote to Ch Haut Brion, Ch Margaux and Ch Latour requesting a tour of the Chateau.  I was jumping with joy when I received a positive response from Ch Haut Brion.  (more…)

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Caprice with an impressive open kitchen, a showcase of fine dining with the Pastry Chef in the forefront displaying rows of tempting desserts for all the guests.

The Michelin 2-star restaurant serves contemporary French cuisine in an upscale hotel with a spectacular harbor view.  The holiday set lunch offered a good selection on appetizers and main course accompanied with a glass of house wine selected by the Sommelier.  (more…)

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Domani Ristorante, with its green house façade situated between the two office towers of Pacific Place, brought the award winning Chef and menu to the gourmet scene of Hong Kong. Fine dining takes on a different tone these days, the Chef is as important as the cuisine, it’s all part of the dining experience.    (more…)

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“We opened our first restaurant in London 6 years ago” according to the Head Chef, Patrick at ROKA Hong Kong, and he has stayed in Hong Kong since the restaurant opened in July last year. 

ROKA is a contemporary style Japanese Robata Grill restaurant.  I asked Patrick if he’s trained as a Japanese chef, and he told me his training span across Italian and French cuisines.   The restaurant has an open kitchen and you could see the chefs all busy at the grill throughout the evening. (more…)

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Red Packets

“Red is in the air” – it’s the color of love, joy, happiness, pleasure, enjoyment, celebration …… and most of all; it’s the color for Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is a time for family gathering, time to say “Kung Hei Fat Choy” to friends and relatives that you may hardly meet during the year.  (more…)

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打從12月開始, 本小姐就是吃喝玩樂, 在聖誕、新年、生曰這三大日子已吃個不停, 再過幾天將會是虎年的來臨,   所以總是有很好的理由延續這夜夜笙歌的快活心情。

上周末, 就選擇在家中大宴親朋, 家中總厨雖不是我, 但本小姐就如一般香港人, 雖不懂下廚, 但意見多多, 參與少少, (more…)

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Ch Simard

Chateau Ausone, one of the Premier Grand Crus from St Emilion is also the owner of Chateau Simard.   I was so pleased to have the opportunity to taste 2 vintages from this Chateau – 1990 & 2005.   It was over a European cuisine in a small cozy bistro in the quiet part of North Point. 

St Emilion wines in general have softer tannins and more body as they are Merlot based red wines. The wines were 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. (more…)

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“Julie and Julia”

A movie about starting a BLOG, about finding your passion and do something with it.  A few friends told me when they watched this movie, they thought of my blog. 

I finally got to watch the movie and felt very hungry afterwards.  As Gen X person, I did watch Julia Child on TV when I was growing up.  If my memory serves me right, Julia Child was a big woman on screen with a very deep voice.  (more…)

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A non-commerical Bordeaux white

What does “lifestyle” mean?  It was fun sharing my view with old acquaintances and new friends over a few glasses of wines in a cozy Bistro this past weekend.

While sharing our views, there was also a very interesting wine we shared over dinner, interesting because it is not a commercial wine.  The owner is passionate about wine and bought a small vineyard and experimenting wine making.  The 2008 Bordeaux white was from this vineyard.  (more…)

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